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Product Name: Secret Seduction Spray – Discover How to End Your Dating Problems


ATTENTION: Single and Married Guys Who Are Sick & Tired of NOT Getting the Women They Desire…

Discover How to End Your Dating Problems – In 24 Hours or Less – Using an ‘Under-The-Radar’ Method that Works Every Time (Already Used by 67,873 Men, and counting, to Date Beautiful Women)…

Firstly, not every man is blessed with the same ‘quality’ of Pheromones. This is in the same way that not every man is blessed with a Chiselled Jawline or the Genetics to be as Tall and ‘Built’ as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…

This explains why some guys can ATTRACT Supermodels and truly Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women – despite being short, overweight and not much to look at…

Because they have been blessed with Nature-Given, Superior Pheromones!

Secondly, I need you to know that most guys – almost certainly including YOU – are ruining the quality, and potency, of their Pheromones. Without even realising it. =”red”>How are they doing this?

Finally, you need to know that while Pheromones can certainly make you more attractive to women…

Women don’t choose a guy consciously based on his Pheromones!
No, no, no…

You’re never gonna hear two women talking, and one say to the other:
“Oh. My. God. I just couldn’t resist that guy’s Pheromones. I had to have him!”

Doesn’t work like that.

Why did I take the time and effort to create Secret Seduction Spray?

What makes it different and better than every other Pheromone product on the Market?

5 Rules for using Secret Seduction Spray with Success – including a couple of “No No’s” that can lessen, or even completely destroy its effectiveness (read this section carefully, before using the spray). Pages 4-8

How to use your Body Language to ATTRACT Beautiful Women (use these suggestions while wearing Secret Seduction Spray and you’ll be swarmed with positive female attention, making you feel totally unstoppable) Page 10 onwards

A common mistake to avoid when interacting with women – because it instantly KILLS attraction, no matter how well everything was going before (avoid at all costs – sadly: 80% of guys make this MISTAKE without even realizing it). Pages 17 and 18

How to know when a woman is ready to be approached – Master this Skill, and use it when you’re wearing the Spray, and every approach will be a SUCCESS (prepare to get A LOT of Phone Numbers, and go on A LOT of Dates 😉 Page 21

How to Close a Conversation in a way that guarantees you – get her contact details, and she responds in a timely, enthusiastic manner to your follow up texts & calls (this pretty much totally eliminates the possibility of her flaking on you). Page 25

You’ll “Upgrade your Pheromones” – instantly making yourself much more attractive to women than you’ve ever been before

You’ll find women to be much more responsive to your advances – and, women will start to approach YOU (so you’ll no longer feel invisible and unnoticed)

Regardless of how you look, women will be much more attracted to you – and they’ll want to get intimate and physical with you (so you’ll no longer get “Friend Zoned”, Flaked on, or used for money)

Women who you previously thought were “Way Out of Your League” will be into you – allowing you to bag your Dream Girl (getting you Likes and Positive Comments from your Friends and Family, both in person and on Social Media)

You’ll be able to command attention in any scenario – including: at work, in coffee shops, at the gym, in bars and nightclubs, at the park, or even just walking down the street (and “YES” – Secret Seduction Spray can help you to make a success of things with a woman you’ve previously ‘blown it’ with)

Conversations will flow much easier – because women won’t be looking for excuses to END the conversation (instead, they’ll actually be looking for ways to KEEP IT GOING, and get their Phone Numbers in your Phone!… because they’re so attracted to you)

Warning: Please Read This Carefully, Before You Invest In a Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray

…you’ll find it easier to approach women (and oftentimes women will approach YOU)…

…you’ll go on more dates (in fact, you might end up with so many hot, sexy “female admirers” that you don’t know what to do with them all)…

…you’ll be much more popular, and a lot less lonely (no more jerking off to Porn – you’ll be “getting intimate” with REAL women)…

…you’ll have CHOICES when it comes to ‘dating’ (so you don’t have to do what most DESPERATE guys do: settle for a woman they’re not really into).

…you’ll finally be able to land the Dream Girlfriend you’ve always wanted (earning you mad respect from your friends, and satisfying approval from your family).

She’s gonna be A LOT more ‘into you.’

Happy to spend time with you…

Eager to GO TO BED with you!

Interact with women (which obviously involves LEAVING THE HOUSE)

Be a decent guy when you interact with women (you know… have something at least semi-interesting to say, crack the odd joke, be a good listener when she’s talking, be a Gentleman and hold doors open for her and so on)

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